Glasswort¬†(Salicornia europea) , in England often called ‘samphire’ is a vegetable that normally grows at salt marshes along the coast all over the world. The name ‘samphire’ is believed to be a corruption of the French name, herbs de Saint-Pierre. Glasswort is a small succulent herb, with a salty taste. Glasswort is a pioneer plant (one of the first plants that are settle at a salt marsh) and the most salt tolerant plant specie. The plant can grow up to 30 cm heigh and it consists of one or more stems. In autumn, the plant changes towards a woody structure and coloured to dark red to create seed.

We culture this plant since 2005 in our special designed beds, see our company description. This product is a seasonal product and thus limited available during spring and summer. The short stems (5-10 cm) are harvested (by hand) and sold to to local retailers and consumers.